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Feel free to know Cannabis Wallstreet and the system behind it. We attempt to keep the Knowledge Base up to date. So please check it again from time to time to have the best experiences with our platform and our service.

For this Stands Cannabis Β Wallstreet and the Dynamic Pricing System

Cannabis Wallstreet provides The best quality CBD and other legal hemp flowers legally to Europe for the most possible price. To face this immense responsibility, we developed a live dynamic pricing system. The platform will calculate with help of an A.I. the actual price based on the actual demand. It means the fewer buyers are buying a hemp flower, the cheaper the price gets.

Enjoy real the real smell of the terpenes and essential oils of the plant itself. Some of them are imported directly from the US. Get the Cali Strains and try the difference. The varieties are consistently changing. If you wait too long you will eventually miss a legendary strain that will not come back again.

See the best Cali CBD Flowers and try it by yourself

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F.A.Q. Knowledge Base of Cannabis Wallstreet

After the payment, it takes about two or three business days until the order will be processed. You will get an email notification when your order has been shipped. We send every order with an online tracking ID. This means you can see exactly the destination of it. Please beware that we do not have an influence on the shipping time.

You can pay with Sepa Banking Transfer, Bitcoin & Cash at Penny Markt (or Via Buy). Please beware that you have one hour to pay your order. After this time your order will be canceled automatically. If you pay manually, for example with Sepa Banking Transfer, please provide a screenshot to our support team. We check every transaction which will reach our bank account so do not forget to provide the order number in as refference within the payment transaction. Please consider that we can just process screenshots with the date and time on them. We are not able to receive Paypal because hemp products are against their guidelines.

You are allowed to send your order back within 30 days. The shipping day counts for it. Please contact our live support and provide us the documents of your shipping. You will get the nearest shipping address also from the live support. We recommend shipping it insured and with a tracking ID to prevent further problems.

Yes, you can! Please contact our EU Support in Whatsapp for it. Your flowers have to go through our quality checks first. Then we will add it to our portfolio.

We are not allowed to provide hemp flowers for consumption. So please do not ask our support. We do not answer this question. What you do with it at the end is your own responsibility. We clearly recommend just to create your own creams, masks and for collecting it because the raw materials are cheaper when it is self-made.

Our email address is just for system notifications. We do not read and respond to incoming emails. If you have a request please contact our live support. We also have a WhatsApp support and Telegram Support for Wholesale and business matters.

Yes, all of our products are below the THC limit for every European country. All UK customers have to consider to pay eventually taxes because of the European origin of the CBD flowers. Usually, every order below 1 KG has a good chance not to pay these taxes.

Long-term customers who bought more than 1 kg of CBD flowers in total are qualified for a permanent price reduced flowers. If you fall in this category, you are a wholesale customer. Please contact our live support to get the permission to use our wholesale support to buy CBD flowers for the best price online!

We do not forget any request we get. But we are getting many requests daily. Please wait until you will get an answer. If you leave the live chat after contacting us, you will receive a response to your email address. You are also able to answer the message directly via email.

We have different stocks in different European countries. We send our hemp flowers from Italy, Spain, Germany & Austria.

You still have questions?

Do not hesitate to contact our support to help you with your request. Just take the right department for your concern and get the help you need right now!

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